ULTRABLOX – Crema Attenuatrice Raggi-X

ULTRABLOX® X-Ray Attenuating Cream protects the hands while retaining flexibility and tactile feel.  Allows you to provide care to your patients while significantly reducing dose exposure to your hands. Easy to apply directly to hands or encapsulate between two sets of gloves. Technical Details Patented formula reduces scatter radiation exposure by up to 85% Retains […]

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Dispositivi di Protezione Individuale

ATTENUATING CAP – HEALTHCARE Minimize radiation exposure of the head and brain with effective, lightweight and ergonomic BLOXR® XPF® Attenuating Caps. Our caps provide the safety of 0.5mm lead equivalency against scatter radiation around the circumference of the head. The cap is durable and machine washable. Technical Details minimizes radiation exposure to the brain patented XPF® […]

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